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These rules will help bring out the best version of you. Priyanka Chopra Jonas mentioned all of these in an interview.

Rule 1: There is only one of you (values, beliefs, flaws)

Rule 2: Let your dreams fly

Rule 3: Be ambitious

Rule 4: Be greedy and hungry for your ambitions

Rule 5: Do not settle on your dreams

Rule 6: Fail and fail again then rise like a phoenix

Rule 7: Be bold and take risks

Rule 8: Surround yourself with the right people

Rule 9: You cannot please everyone all the time

Rule 10: Don’t take yourself too seriously

Rule 11: Give back

Rule 12: Don’t ever forget your roots

“Analyze your failures”

“You will never truly enjoy success until you have tasted failure.”

“Be kind, be compassionate, be human.”

“There will always be someone less fortunate than you — give back.”




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