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For some context, I sent out a questionnaire to 19 girls in high school (their ages range from 14–18.) However, social media can have an impact on anyone and this is prevalent to everyone of all ages.

I created this form to look at the negatives of social media but also to see if teens were aware of their online usage and how it affects them but also if they would do anything about it.

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As you can see, the majority of them are addicted to their phones. I find this to be saddening but also relatable and it’s a positive thing to see that they’re self-aware.

The responses I received for the “best” part of social media (possible benefits):

  • the community
  • connecting with others
  • people are able to share aspects of their life and things that are important to them
  • the ability to communicate and pass time when you’re bored
  • being able to find inspiration and connecting with those that share similar goals to yourself.
  • talking to people
  • being inspired by others, being informed, and talking to friends
  • knowing you’re not alone & music updates
  • chatting with friends
  • getting ideas/inspiration and allowing people to express themselves creatively.
  • posting & texting my friends
  • being inspired
  • it distracts myself from reality
  • seeing funny stuff as well as what people are up to
  • helps stay in touch with family that are far away
  • being able to see different opinions
  • motivation
  • connect with people all around the world
  • the positive community, the ability to make friends

The responses I received for the worse parts:

  • ridiculous standards
  • effects self esteem
  • people can share ANYTHING they want (which includes cyber bullying)
  • getting addicted to it & not being productive
  • people being mean, spreading toxicity and constantly comparing yourself to others “perfect” lives.
  • comparisons
  • cyber bullying, scams, gossip
  • comparing yourself to others
  • getting addicted
  • becoming a hobby/having scrolling take up all your time
  • comparing yourself, feeling bored, constantly waiting for people to text you.
  • comparing others life
  • it makes me lose track of time, of reality
  • comparison
  • the toxic culture and when people compare themselves
  • addiction?
  • hurts self esteem
  • comparison and negativity
  • seeing people with great bodies and beautiful faces and thinking you’re not good enough

Take what you will out of the benefits and the negatives from social media. But it appears that the cons outweigh the pros. Unfortunately. They are all trying to limit their screen time / delete social media accounts or just the app itself.

When asked if they talk to their friends about the negatives: 52.6% said no. Even though they all are aware of the negatives, they might not feel comfortable talking to others about it.

If asked if phone addiction is common, not one replied no. That alone is powerful, it summarizes the whole point.

last question on the form



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