Becoming ‘that girl’

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Here are some steps to take into becoming ‘that girl’. The overall aesthetic has a positive message behind it. In becoming ‘that girl’ you’re essentially becoming your best possible self. This varies between girls to girls, it depends on what you really want for yourself and how you define your ‘best self’. For some, this might mean earning a certain job or playing a sport at the varsity level, or maybe even just learning a new instrument. In general, ‘that girl’ is healthy and lives a lifestyle that reflects that. This lifestyle can be described as expensive, but there are ways around it. You don’t need a gym membership and you certainly don’t need to buy celery juice every day. You can just try whatever works best for you, that might just mean eating balanced meals as well as doing at-home workouts.

1- ‘That girl’ takes care of her appearance. Self-care and self-love is the top priority for her. There are many ways one can achieve this aesthetic.

  • Braiding your hair (french or dutch braids are cute)
  • Skincare routine and face mask pictures
  • Makeup (if you want to)
  • Painting your nails
  • Picking out a cute outfit
  • Smile a whole bunch
  • Simple jewelry goes a long way
  • Meditations
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Education is important. Try reading books during your spare time instead of going on your phone. Be aware of what’s happening around the world, watch the news. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts that can either educate you or can put you in a good mood. Do something productive instead of checking social media.

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You can always try learning a new language. Or you could study something else. Maybe you could pick up photography or learn how to play an instrument. Be proactive in some way.

Try out the ‘that girl’ lifestyle and tell me how it goes. Once again, this isn’t to bash on anyone or to make others feel like they can’t attain the lifestyle. Everyone can be their best selves somehow. There is no ‘perfect body’ or beauty standard. Everyone is beautiful when they love themselves. Love yourself. Love your body. You are beautiful ❤



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