daily hot girl summer walks

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For the past week, I have done the new Tiktok trend of taking “hot girl summer walks” every day. In short, I highly recommend ‘hot girl summer walks’ to anyone.

I absolutely love that it became a trend because it’s very healthy to go on long walks, not only physically but mentally too. For me personally, I don’t listen to music or anything but I definitely can see how it would be fun with some tunes on. I also have heard of people listening to podcasts while on these walks and I would encourage others to try that too since it kills two birds with one stone (education + walking).

I have done these walks alone but also with others. It really depends on my mood but both are great and it’s nice to switch it up every once in a while to keep things interesting.

Even though this trend is named “hot girl summer walks” I find it to be misleading since I have gone on one with a man and he enjoyed it just as much. This trend is also typically meant for single girls, which is empowering in a sense but it also limits the audience. I’ve taken walks with girls that are happily taken and it feels the same. All to say that the trend is lovely and uplifting and I think it would do even better if it included more people / all people.

To answer some questions regarding the trend, I’m replying with my own opinions and advice, I am not a doctor nor qualified in any way, this is just from my own experience and what I would personally recommend.

What does one bring on their hot girl summer walk? :

  • yourself
  • your family, friends, significant other, etc
  • you could walk your dog :)
  • bring / wear sunscreen (don’t burn!)
Picture Credits
Picture Credits
  • a book (in case you find a nice spot)
  • picnic (you could stop for a cute lunch)

What can one do on their hot girl summer walk? :

  • walk
  • talk to someone, even if that may be on the phone
  • admire the nice views
  • listen to music, podcasts, literally anything

How does one go on a “hot girl summer walk”? :

  • Take yourself out on a walk, there’s no specific rubric for it. It’s all based off of what you want. If you feel like going on a long walk, do it, get those 10k steps in. If not, you can go on a short walk. Whatever makes you happy. This is all about getting some sort of movement in.



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