How to Get Your Life in Order in Minutes!

The New World New You Tony Robbins Challenge mentioned the following tips on how one can get their life sorted out.

“Wherever your focus goes, energy flows” — Tony Robbins

6. Place the focus on what you have, what you can control.

7. Focus on the present. Stay in the moment. At times you can look at the future.

“The past does not equal the future” — Tony Robbins

To elaborate on the quote above, it’s important to not spend too much time thinking of our past. If we spend all our time contemplating every situation we’ve been in, it won’t get us very far (if that’s all we’re doing). But one should not ignore their past. It’s important to acknowledge it and deal with any problems that have occurred (especially if they seem to repeat themselves).

“Without a vision, people parish.” — Tony Robbins

In this case, the best way to not parish is to have a vision for yourself and plan out a little of your future (not your entire life but perhaps a couple of months into the future).

Writing prompt: (recommend doing this monthly)

“Success without gratitude and happiness is failure” — Tony Robbins



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