Instantly Living Life to the Fullest! How I Started.

Imagine earning $86,400 every day. However, at the end of each day, the leftover money would be taken away. Wouldn’t you want to use it all before it’s gone at night? We get 86,400 seconds every day. Use them.

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” — John F. Kennedy

You have two ears and one mouth. Use them accordingly.

First, listen with your eyes, heart, and ears.

“You were born with everything you need to succeed.” — Unknown

Balance and moderation in all things. If one is neglected, the rest won’t function. Yes, work is important but if you spend all your hours working, soon enough you’ll have burnout.

Repetition is the foundation for learning.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” — Shakespeare.

Next time you want to:

  • Make a new friend
  • Resist peer pressure
  • Break a bad habit
  • Develop a new skill
  • Try out for a team
  • Audition for a play
  • Ask out someone
  • Change your job
  • Get involved
  • Be yourself

Do it! Never let your fears make your decisions. You make them.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” — David Goggins

“All successful people have the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” — Albert E. Gray

“Die with memories, not dreams.” — Unknown



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I have a passion for self-improvement and writing. Please give feedback and have fun :)