Life without Social Media p. 2

As mentioned before, life without social media can be quite boring. My best advice for living social media less is to keep yourself busy. It’s easier for those with full-time jobs or any other sort of commitment. Here is my advice for those who need it. Usually, I like to go on long walks and specifically this morning I went to a new smoothie place, it was a lot of fun.

Haley Pham, popular social media influencer, came up with a very clever idea of swapping her screen time into time spent reading. It’s truly a smart idea, especially for those with time on their hands.

Another life saver has been music, usually when I listen to music I tend to come up with something to do like writing, organizing, making plans, even cleaning.

I’ve also recently started calling my friends, since I’m home from college for summer, I can’t always have face to face conversations or hangouts. So face-time has been a truly useful app. It does impact my screen time but I feel it’s justified, but that’s just my own opinion.

Another benefit to spending less time on my phone is that there’s more time to cook, so my meals have been improving which makes me happier.

Other than reading, learning is a great pastime. I personally like to use EDX and the courses that it offers. There’s so much knowledge that can be gained through online classes, any sort of reading, or just watching online lectures, etc.

I highly recommend spending more time outside. Just being outside is great for you (remember sunscreen though). There’s so many possibilities on what to do outside. You could go on a “hot girl” walk, tan (safely), go to the beach/lake/ocean or whatever is near you. You could also play a sport like golf, tennis or anything.

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I’m really looking forward to an Outerbanks type of summer :)



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